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Version 2 of Spindata is live today ready for the 2020 season, including a number of new features and improvements, most notably improvements to the home page, the rider page (including performance charts), and a new page for statistics.

The home page has had a makeover, giving easy access to more headline information:

  • Top riders, male and female, in senior, junior and juvenile categories.
  • Top male and female teams, now listing which riders make up those teams with direct links to each rider.
  • Latest events - listing the most recently updated startsheets and results. This is a more advanced listing than can be found elsewhere on the web as it doesn't just list the last 10 to be published; it will always include at least everything that has been published in the last 7 days AND all forthcoming event startsheets - just keep swiping to see all the updated events listed.
  • Oh, and you might notice we're no longer anonymous!

The rider page has been redesigned to include interactive performance charts for both time trials and hill climbs:

  • By default the performance chart loaded will be for the most recent season that the rider has a result. The season can be changed from a dropdown including applicable seasons for the rider being displayed.
  • Entries, results and awards are now displayed for the selected season, and within that split between time trials and hill climbs.
  • Sections showing future event entries and pending results have been added.

The new statistics page is very much work in progress. The stats that are in place now will update automatically as the season progresses, and are available for all past seasons. In time all of the stats produced for the 2018 season will be added to this new page.