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Spindata has needed some amendments to restart after the enforced break and there will be some anomalies in the data over the next few weeks as everything settles down again.

The main change is that you no longer need 6 events to be “qualified” for the rankings, but just 3. This is because so few events have taken place in the last 9 months and there are likely to be very few open events this year now.

This will affect who appears on the main Ranking table, however, to get predictions you don’t have to be qualified, just have at least 1 ride within 12 months. You will still be able to see your position on the Ranking Table if you tick the “display provisional riders” box even if you are no longer qualified.

Clearly having fewer results will make the predictions less stable / accurate.

However, even with this change the total number of riders who have at least provisional status has gone down from over 8000 in October to just over 5300 now. That is, nearly 3000 riders who were ranked in October have now not had a ride for at least one year and have been “lapsed”. Once you are lapsed you don’t appear in the tables and wont get a prediction until you have registered another open result.

The removal of 3000 riders from the system will add extra uncertainty to the scores and predictions. It also has the effect of massively boosting the ranking of everyone who remains, as you are now ranked out of a much smaller total. Of the 5300+ riders currently ranked at least provisionally only 1870 are qualified, so everyone who remains has moved very significantly up the rankings in terms of absolute ranking number.

However, Categories have not been affected as they are normalised amongst everyone who is ranked, so should be comparable with last years categories although may have changed depending on how good/bad your most recent rides were.

We would anticipate putting the qualified number back up to 6 over time, but suspect it may well be next June / July before this level is reached again.

The graphs will look a bit funny at first as the score dots have been missing for months and will reappear this week with a big gap.

The rest of the system for ranking and scoring is the same as before (see our FAQs) but it will likely be a long time before anyone becomes a “frequent rider”. We expect, however, to see some significant form achievements after all the lockdown training.