I`m aware there are concerns about who will get into the National Hill Climb based on Spindata rankings.

Having had disucssions with the organisers we have agreed I will do an extra process of data next week to try and retrospectively rank the non-ranked events. This is potentially possible as riders who didnt have a rank at the time of the event may now. Its a bit of a fudge as they are being scored based on rankings which dont relate to the race date but as all events fall within 4 months it doesnt seem unreasonable.

The reason for the 10 ranked riders cut off is that with fewer riders there often isnt much correlation between ranking before the event and performance on the day which makes the whole system invalid. To be fair, sometimes the correlation is not bad with fewer and sometimes its poor with more. We do the best with what we`ve got.

Currently there are 10 races which havent been ranked and they fall into 3 groups.

These 3 events will be ranked next week - we already have enough data to do this.

29-Jun-21 Yorkshire Cycling Federation (YCF Points Series)(Yorkshire Spoco Event) (Cheques to P Hurt) 4.8 V9916-HC 22429
25-Sep-21 Leigh Premier RC (Rivington) 2.1 L805-HC 21502
19-Sep-21 Ferryhill Whs CC (Quarrington Hill) 0 THC21-HC 22589


These 5 events may yet get enough ranked riders to be retrospectively ranked.

18-Sep-21 Bute Wheelers (Serpentine) (Juveniles) 0.3 WW1/02-HC 21920
19-Sep-21 Velo-One Cycling 0 CHC/1-HC 22772
26-Sep-21 Velo Club Venta (Old Winchester Hill) 1.5 P821-HC-HC 22755
03-Oct-21 Blazing Saddles 0 PHC91-HC 22754
03-Oct-21 Virtual Cycling Club [entries close 27/09/2021] 2.48 RH/12X-HC 22735


These 2 events bear little correlation and almost certainly wont be ranked.

03-Oct-21 Ayr Roads CC (Dundonald HC)(Scottish District Championship) 0.88 WW01/05-HC 22868
03-Oct-21 Virtual Cycling Club [entries close 27/09/2021] 3.96 RH16-HC 22736



My role is to cruch the data not to have opinions. Clearly there is a judgement to be made between commitment to hill climbs and ultimate performance. For every rider who gets in with fewer events someone who may be just about as good and has ridden lots of events this year will miss out. No ranking system is perfect, as the world tennis ranking clearly shows.