The major updates to Spindata ready for the start of the 2022 season are now live with the biggest change being the addition of course information, including a number of new metrics indicating how fast the conditions were for any event, and how good you'd need to be to set a course record.

A new Courses page has been added, which lists all the CTT courses that have been used for open events since the start of 2017. The list of courses can be filtered by district and/or distance, and there is the option to include or hide courses that were not run at their usual length (e.g. due to roadworks). The list can also be sorted by course or district code, distance, or perhaps most interestingly by a new measure called weighted mph. Weighted mph is the average speed of the course on an average day for a rider with 2000 points (500 for hill climb), so you can now sort courses by how fast they are!

Clicking on a course code either from the courses list or from an event page takes you to a new page with information about an individual course. The most recent and fastest events are listed, with fastest events being determined by another new measure we are calling "Float". The measure of float is zero for an averagely fast/slow day, positive for a slower day, and negative for a faster day, where the values show the percentage difference that the event times were compared to an average day on that course. So a float of -3 would represent a day where times are 97% of what they would have been on an average day. And -3 or below is a fast day!

Course records are the best times on record in Spindata since the start of 2017, male and female, and for tt and road bikes (where we know an event was a road bike event). Check out the additional metrics showing how many points were awarded for the ride, how many points you would be awarded for matching the record on an averagely fast day, and what the float was on the day the record was set. This information might be of use for those who would like to set a course record.

Also on the course page is a list of all rides on the course since the start of 2017. The list can be filtered by gender, age category, district and/or club, and sorted by fastest time or best points score. Filter and sort by whatever criteria you wish to find out if you are fastest at maybe your age category, or just fastest amongst your team mates (and see how lucky they were with the float compared to your best time).

We will also display additional course information including weighted mph and how fast the course ranks compared to other course of the same distance (standard distances only). Where we know of Strava segments for a course we have linked these too, and for hill climb courses we are displaying the gradient where we know it.