I pulled the data from CTT about 1pm today so if your event was uploaded to the CTT website after that it wont have been scored or predicted. It will be scored next week.

There seems to be a glitch with courses which have 2 events on the same day with the same bike type. Its confusing the position changes - I`ll get this sorted for next week.

The Merlin Classic hasnt been predicited. This is due to a confusion about the course and distance. Its called the K22/39 and is 39.4 miles. This is the same course and distance as last year but then it was said to be 41 miles (which I`m pretty sure it wasnt.) I`ll try and get this all rationalised for next week but this will be too late to predict, obviously.

Update (Merlin Classic) - having looked into the K22 conundrum, it was a longer event in 2021 at 41.4 miles. 2017,18,19 were on the 37m course and the 39 mile course is being used this year and was last used in 2016 before we had Spindata data so I cant predicit it anyway. 2020 it didnt run of course.