In partnership with CTT, Spindata has been updated to accommodate the new road bike category.

We now have a separate road bike ranking. Rides from any solo time trial tagged as being on a road bike will be processed together, and the rankings and predictions will be based on the performance of the riders in this category alone. The old ranking for TT bikes will now be exclusively for TT rides so road bike rides won’t appear there.

Both ranking systems will run in the same way they always did. However, it will take time for the available data from road bike rides to build up. So for the transition, if there is little road bike data about an event or the ranking of the riders in it and I can borrow from the TT ranking to complete the scores or predictions I will. 

For this reason it is likely that there will be more variability in the scores and predictions than is usually seen in the TT rankings.

The number of riders active in TT, hill climb and road bike disciplines is variable and not equal. The rankings for each will be based on a scale of about 9000 riders, so the scores will be comparable across disciplines. This is a change for hill climb riders who have previously had scores under 2000. Don’t be alarmed if you notice significant score inflation. The cat system (A1-E20) will not be affected.

It will be perfectly possible to have 3 rankings within Spindata, one for each discipline, simply by riding on a TT bike, on a road bike and in hill climb events, and there will be no crossover between your performance in each.