Spindata has been updated to reflect CTT's implementation of their transgender policy from 2nd January 2024. Changes include the replacement of gender categories for events with the new 'Open' and 'Female' classifications, and the classification of rankings also changes to 'Open' and 'Female'.

Additionally, Spindata rankings will now be updated more accurately when riders move to new age categories.

From 2nd January 2024 all riders will compete in either the 'Open' or 'Female' classifications within an event, and Spindata's start lists, results, and awards will reflect these new classifications for all events from this date. Historical event data will remain with the gender classifications entered at the time.

Rankings will now be based on the default classification that a rider sets on their CTT profile. For riders who are eligible to compete in either the Open or Female classification, they can choose which ranking they wish to be listed in by selecting that as their default classification on their CTT profile.

Note - Spindata rankings currently show all riders in the classification in which they last competed mapped Female to Female and Male to Open, and will continue to do so until either a rider completes their gender declaration on the CTT website (which they must do in order to enter another event) OR they no longer have any qualifying rides (i.e. 1 year after their last ride). Rankings will be updated to reflect the latest information each Wednesday once the 2024 season is underway.

As part of this implementation, Spindata now receives more information about the age of riders, which means that each week when the rankings are calculated they will take account of any changes in rider age categories since the previous week; until now a rider has remained in the age category of their last ride.